Vintage Millworks
I go over: Both concrete or wooden subfloors
I can be: Floated or Nailed down
I am: Solid Hardwood
1/2" x 5.8" x Random Length
Three hand-sculpting techniques converge in the creation of the new Vintage Millworks. Specifically designed for those who expect attention to detail, each plank unfolds its own story in exquisite sculpting design. Read more...

Cabana Maple

Hand-scraped | Vintage Millworks | Cabana Maple

Scarlet Maple

Hand-scraped | Vintage Millworks | Scarlet Maple

Black Olive Maple

Hand-scraped | Vintage Millworks | Black Olive Maple

Desert Rose Maple

Hand-scraped | Vintage Millworks | Desert Rose Maple

Ginger Maple

Hand-scraped | Vintage Millworks | Ginger Maple

Sedona Red Maple

Hand-scraped | Vintage Millworks | Sedona Red Maple

Shadow Maple

Hand-scraped | Vintage Millworks | Shadow Maple

Cappucino Maple

Hand-scraped | Vintage Millworks | Cappucino Maple


About me

Flooring and Fashion come together.

Individual hand forming makes each of our planks unique. Using centuries-old techniques as a starting point, Artisans recreate the charm and ambience of handcrafted, custom made flooring into the Vintage MillWorks Handscraped line. This authentic, physically hand scraped flooring combines old-world beauty with today's advanced finishing processes for durable carefree performance.

Handrubbed stains add just the right depth of color. The difference is apparent in every plank. To complete this work of art, a lower luster matte finish level was selected. Only the German manufactured Treffic Brand Aluminum Oxide finish qualifies to seal Vintage Millworks surface. Apart from the impeccable luster required to display the finished work, the 11 step 8 coats UV cured finishing process delivers an abrasion-resistant, durable, no-wax low maintenance floor.

Nothing compares to the warm intimate feel of a truly handcrafted floor. Artisans individually scathe, scrape, and mold each plank into its finished form. It's true, authentically handcrafted floors create fashionable rooms steeped in texture and depth. Your home deserves the best: choose from 6 select tonals.

Designed in California by Heritage Woodcraft (R).

Why choose me?

Vintage Millworks Features

  • 4 sided tongue and groove with micro-bevel edges for easier installation
  • 1/2" thick 5" wide board can be sanded and refinished 2 times
  • Random length planks with 80% being 6' and 20% various shorter lengths for an authentic staggered hardwood floor appearance
  • 3-Ply Cross Grain Engineered, wearlayer of 3mm Maple Hardwood
  • Prefinished 8 coats UV cured German Treffic Aluminum oxide
  • Lifetime Structural Warranty
  • Full 25 year finish warranty
  • Authentic handscraped surface
  • Delustered final finish coat for a vintage distressed appearance
  • Flexible installation methods, glue down, nail down, or floating all approved
  • Handsculpted micro-bevel edge design provides individual plank dimension
  • Soft sculpt handscraping technique for soft rolling surface texture
  • Packaged in manageable-weight carton sizes for easy home delivery


Frequently Asked Questions on the Vintage Millworks Handscraped Hardwood flooring.

Q. How many times can this floor be sanded and refinished?
A. The amount of sandings depends on how much wood is taken off each time. A general rule for an engineered floor is 2 sandings. Very likely this floor will never need to be sanded in its lifetime.

Q. Is Vintage Millwork a floating floor?
A. Yes, Vintage Millwork is a floating floor. It can be nailed and glued down as well.

Q. What is "soft sculpt"?
A. Soft sculpt is a less aggressive form of handscraping used in the creation of Vintage Millwork. The soft sculpt styling gives the floor slightly cantered edges and a softer rolling surface. Soft sculpt provides the beauty and depth of a handscraped texture with moderate to minimal surface distressing.


Vintage Millwork is approved for all 3 installation methods. Glue down, nail down, or floating installations. Vintage Millworks installation can be performed by both Professional Installers and Do It Yourself Homeowners alike.

The Vintage Millwork series can be installed over radiant heat floors as well. It is recommended for installation below grade, on grade, and above grade areas of the home. It can be used in commercial as well as residential settings. Detailed installation instructions are provided on the simpleFLOORS website.


Warranty: 25 year wear warranty/Lifetime structural

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