Vintage Chappel
I go over: Both concrete or wooden subfloors
I can be: Glued, Floated, Nailed, or Stapled down
I am: Real Hardwood Engineered
1/2" x 5" x Random Length
There's a timelessness to it. Both form and proportion are just right. As the eye wanders across the floor, it just feels right, it feels good. Finally a floor as extraordinary as the fine furniture it upholds. Read more...

Spiced Cider

Hand-scraped | Vintage Chappel | Spiced Cider

Sour Ghum

Hand-scraped | Vintage Chappel | Sour Ghum

Stave Maple

Hand-scraped | Vintage Chappel | Stave Maple

Tuscany Maple

Hand-scraped | Vintage Chappel | Tuscany Maple


About me

The Collection | Vintage Chappel
Inspired by: Jahaziel Minor

A Fusion of Elegance and Detail

There's a timelessness to it. Both form and proportion are just right. As the eye wanders across the floor, it just feels right, it feels good. Finally a floor as extraordinary as the fine furniture it upholds. Each plank of Vintage Chappel is hand contoured, unique in its own way. Vintage Chappel, created using gentle sculpt carving, provides exquisite detail. Mild cantered edges and rolling lines provide graceful texture to the finest decors.

A genuine handrubbed translucent surface stain is applied. Translucent stains allow the real wood grain greater expression. The final touch, a soft low luster finish mimics European old world oiled plank floors. An 11-step 8 coats German Manufactured Treffic Aluminum Oxide finish process provides exceptional abrasion resistance and durability with No-Wax low maintenance cleaning for everyday life.

Designed in California by Heritage Woodcraft (R)

The Artist | Jahaziel Minor

Jahaziel Minor's artistic focus is painting portraits in a classic style. Minor possesses strong illustrative techniques and uses vibrant colors of nature. He is able to capture the personality of the subject by working from life, whether an individual well known by him or a commissioned client.

The Vintage Chappel color line, utilizing the "Lathe Finger Carve" hand-scraping technique is inspired by classic European aesthetic. A handcrafted art-form Minor appreciates and one which gives each Vintage Chappel floor personality.

Minor has exhibited at the Sugar Land Society of Art in Texas and the Houston District of the Colored Pencil Society of America. His artwork is currently being published by Prismacolor Art Supplies in their calendars and promotional materials.

Why choose me?

Handscraped floors turn homes into showplaces. Craftsmen physically carve and scrape character into the surface of the planks. Edges are beveled and cantered. The maple planks themselves are carefully selected for their vintage design grain character. Unique grains and patterns are used in the making of the Vintage Chappel series, and when combined with the craftsmen's sculpting techniques, a breathtaking floor results. All the work is completed; Vintage Chappel just needs to be installed and lived on.

Vintage Chappel features
  • 4 sided tongue and groove with micro-bevel edges for easier installation
  • 1/2" thick 5" wide board can be sanded and refinished 2 times
  • 5-Ply Cross Grain Engineered, wearlayer of 2.5mm Maple Hardwood
  • Prefinished 8 coats UV cured German Treffic Aluminum oxide
  • Lifetime Structural Warranty
  • Full 25 year finish warranty
  • Authentic handscraped surface
  • Delustered final finish coat for a vintage distressed appearance
  • Flexible installation methods, glue down, nail down, or floating all approved
  • Handsculpted micro-bevel edge design provides individual plank dimension
  • Packaged in manageable-weight carton sizes for easy home delivery


Frequently Asked Questions on the Vintage Chappel Handscraped Hardwood flooring.

Q. Is this floor prefinished?
A. Yes, this Engineered floor already has a UV cured finish applied to it. No additional finish is needed.

Q. Do Handscraped floors require special care to maintain them, like polishes or waxes?
A. Waxing or polishing the Vintage Chappel series is not necessary. The initial finish has a 25 year finish that needs no special care other than standard cleaning.

Q. How many times can this floor be sanded and refinished?
A. The amount of sandings depends on how much wood is taken off each time. A general rule for an engineered floor is 2 times. Very likely this floor will never be sanded in its lifetime. The initial finish has a 25 year warranty. Sometime after that, additional coats of finish will need to be applied. Wood floors are among the longest lasting flooring options. When taking into consideration their service life, they are one of the lowest cost floors over time to own.

Q. Can I install this floor over concrete?
A. Yes, this floor installs below grade, on grade, and above grade and over wooden or concrete subfloors.

Q. What type of finish does this floor have?
A. The handscraped floors are designed to have a vintage look. The finish on Vintage Chappel is a lower luster finish giving it the appearance of aged hardwood. An Aluminum Oxide finish is utilized for durability.

Q. I have seen some floors that say they are handscraped but are really done by machine. Is this one done by machine or by hand?
A. Vintage Chappel is an authentically handscraped floor. It does not utilize machine scraping to achieve the vintage design.

Q. Is this a floating floor? I can only use a floating floor.
A. Yes, Vintage Chappel is a floating floor. Floating floors are installed over an underlayment. Vintage Chappel can also be glued directly down to a subfloor or nailed down to a subfloor.

Q. Does this floor have random planks?
A. Yes, most planks are 4' in length with random lengths mixed in as well for a true varied hardwood floor appearance once installed.

Q. How many plies does this floor have?
A. Vintage Chappel is a 5 cross-ply engineered floor.


Vintage Chappel is approved for all 3 installation methods. Glue down, nail down, or floating installations. Vintage Chappel installation can be performed by both Professional Installers and Do It Yourself Homeowners alike.

The Vintage Chappel series can be installed over radiant heat floors as well. It is recommended for installation below grade, on grade, and above grade areas of the home. It can be used in commercial as well as residential settings. Detailed installation instructions are provided on the simpleFLOORS website.


Warranty: 25 year wear warranty/Lifetime structural

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