Reclamation Plank
I go over: Wooden subfloors
I can be: Nailed down
I am: Solid Hardwood
3/4" x 7.87" x 72"
Three hand-sculpting techniques converge in the creation of the new Reclamation Plank. Specifically designed for those who expect attention to detail, each plank unfolds its own story in exquisite sculpting design. Read more...

Golden Honey

Hand-scraped | Reclamation Plank | Golden Honey

Indian Red

Hand-scraped | Reclamation Plank | Indian Red

Rustic Sienna

Hand-scraped | Reclamation Plank | Rustic Sienna

Vintage Timber

Hand-scraped | Reclamation Plank | Vintage Timber

Desert Sand

Hand-scraped | Reclamation Plank | Desert Sand

Prairie Acacia

Hand-scraped | Reclamation Plank | Prairie Acacia

Saratoga Acacia

Hand-scraped | Reclamation Plank | Saratoga Acacia

Sable Acacia

Hand-scraped | Reclamation Plank | Sable Acacia

Sunrise Acacia

Hand-scraped | Reclamation Plank | Sunrise Acacia


About me

The Collection | Reclamation Plank
Inspired by: Carrie Havranek

The new full-width Solid Hardwood Reclamation Plank: live without compromise.

Three hand-sculpting techniques converge in the creation of the new Reclamation Plank. Specifically designed for those who expect attention to detail, each plank unfolds its own story in exquisite sculpting design. Reclamation plank handcrafted design is a declaration that authentic hand-sculpting cannot be machine imitated.

Hand rubbed stains combined with a low luster finish complement the hand sculpting providing the full, rich surface hue. Each plank is thoughtfully selected by its character and grain intrigue. Whether minimalist, contemporary, or traditional, Reclamation Plank beautifully fills the niche for the hand-sculpted reclaimed wide plank timber floor. Installation is made easier; nail this solid hardwood floor over wood subfloors.

Reclamation plank is made for the way we live today. Beauty does not have to be time consuming. Pre-finished construction means the floor is ready to be installed with no additional coatings needed. Because it is built with German manufactured Klumpp aluminum oxide finishes, waxing is a thing of the past. Cleaning and sweeping your new hardwood floor has never been easier.

The Artist | Carrie Havranek

Carrie’s interior design interests began at an early age. Her family was surrounded by building architecture and design by profession. She is drawn to the subtleties of interior design and motivated by the aspect of creating contrast within individual environments. After graduation from the Interior Design program at EMU, Carrie relocated to the architectural hub of Chicago and started a career at Chicago Design Center.

In her design work, Carrie has developed a focus on interior finishes such Tile, Stone, Woods and has an affinity for Lighting as well. The diversity of her exposure to a variety of design concepts and opinions within the design community has contributed to the development of her philosophy. That of bringing historic elements into current settings. Her purist developmental ideals utilized throughout both the conceptual and design resolution phases in her projects created the inspiration for the Reclamation Plank collection. Although made of new material, the collection draws its influence from the reclamation of historic building timbers, such as barns and schools. “The contrasting effect of introducing historic elements and textures of nature to settings of everyday living appeals to me”.

"I seek inspiration from everywhere I go....rusting steel, wet concrete in the rain, even the formative pattern of bark on a tree inspires me.”

Why choose me?

Reclamation Plank Features

Solid 3/4" thick Solid Wood. The Reclamation plank is available in your choice of 100% solid African Walnut (Acacia) or White Oak. African Walnut is a much desired species, its grain types lends itself well to the reclamation handscraping and distressing technique. The White Oak species is actually harder in density than its close relative, Red Oak. The thickness of the plank is 3/4".

7 3/4" Wide plank. An unusual 7 3/4" wide width. This width is achieved by joining 3 sections of solid oak together prior to the hand-sculpting of the plank. Once distressed, these 3 planks become one visually stunning plank, which is then hand stained and top coated with the final Klumpp floor finish.

Hand-scraped using 3 techniques. The hand-scraped, hand-distressed surface of the Reclamation Plank series is completed using 3 separate distressing techniques. The first technique, known as edge distressing, carves the edges of the floor for a time worn appearance that showcases the nearly 8" wide plank. Soft sculpting techniques are utilized in various locations in the center of the plank to add depth to the appearance of the plank. The chiseled carving technique is combined throughout the plank to achieve an authentic distressed appearance. It is noteable that many floors classified as handscraped are at least partially created by use of machine techniques. It is impossible to duplicate the true unplanned handscraped appearances using a machine. Reclamation Plank is scraped entirely by hand, no machine processes are used in the distressing of the plank.

Hand-rubbed stains.The stains of a wood floor can be applied using 3 methods. Spray on, brush on, and hand rubbed. The fasted and most common method is the spray method. Although a slower application, brushing the stain provides an identical appearance to the spray method. The slowest of all applications is the hand rubbed method. Hand rubbed stains provide an appearance benefit in that the wood itself is not saturated with the stain. The stain is applied to a soft 100% cotton cloth and rubbed onto the surface of the wood. The excess is then rubbed off with a clean dry cloth. This gives transparency to the grain, rather than the floor taking on a painted look which covers the expression of the grain.

9 coats of low luster Treffic finish. The finish of a floor has 2 primary functions. The first and primary function is to protect the surface of the stain and the wood itself. It takes many coats to provide this protection. For comparison purposes, a typical onsite sanded and finished floor uses a 3 coat application. Reclamation plank uses 9 individual coats in the manufacturing process. The second function of the finish is cosmetic. The gloss level is a large contributor to the appearance. Choosing the correct gloss level for the correct style is an important task. For example, it is a basic design rule that hand distressed, time worn floors should receive a matte, lower luster finish. This correctly completes the look of the design.


Frequently Asked Questions on the Reclamation Plank Handscraped Hardwood flooring.

Q. Is grain charring actually done by fire? Can I get a sample to be sure?
A. Yes, Grain Charring is done by torches at the hands of the floor's Artisans. The Reclamation plank is by far our most time consuming handscraped floor to produce as it utilizes 3 distressing methods. Samples are available for all colors of the Reclamation Solid Plank colors.

Q. I am wondering why Reclamation Plank is so wide?
A. The 7 3/4" width of the Reclamation Plank was intentional. Wide plank floors 7" or greater were common during America's industrial era in not only barns but in factories, warehouses, churches and so on. Sometimes the wood within these buildings is reclaimed and used in products like flooring, wall boards, doors etc. While reclamation plank is not an actual reclaimed timber, it is manufactured with the appropriate distressing and dimensions to appear that way.

Q. What is the charcoal washing technique? I have never heard of this.
A. Charcoal washing is a process in which select parts of the grain are artificially darkened to provide an antique appearance. When you compare Restoration Plank to a regular oak floor you will notice that the grain of the Restoration Series pops out in striking contrast, adding dimensional depth to the floor.


Installation method, nail - wood

The Reclamation Plank solid plank can be nailed down in the traditional solid wood floor nail down method. This is done over a wooden subfloor.


Warranty: 25 year wear warranty/Lifetime structural

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