Hand-scraped floors...Trendy since 1800. Craftsmen, using century old techniques create the charm and ambience of hand-crafted, custom made flooring. When its style that drives your choices, it shows in our Heritage Woodcraft’s hand-scraped heirloom quality floors. Hand crafted designs compliment themes from traditional 18th century to contemporary. Durable, low maintenance no-wax finishes perform beautifully without effort. Enjoy the superb design of handscraped distressed prefinished floors, add beauty to your rooms and your life.

Buying Guide
Color is probably the most important factor when deciding to purchase a new floor. Industry experts also rate our selections as to quality levels. For more detailed information on a specific product check out the buying guide...
Thinking about installing your new floor yourself? Perhaps you are hiring a contractor to complete the project. Most of our floors come with instructions in the box. This section has installation instructions for you or your contractor to read over now before your floor arrives.
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How much do I need?
Here is a quick 4 step reference guide to use when measuring your room (s) for all types of Hardwood Flooring, Cork Flooring, Bamboo Flooring or Laminate Flooring.
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If the pictures online just can not quite help you make your decision, we do not blame you. It can be hard to pick out an item like a new floor with just an image. Take us up on our free...
Trims and Accessories
Many floors have matching floor transitions available. Some require additional items such as under-lays that need to be installed over the existing floor prior to putting in your new floor. This sections has general information on all of these items. For a detailed list of items your specific new floor has available check out the specific items quote page on this website.